XCMOSImaging software
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XCMOSImaging software
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XCMOSImaging Software


XCMOSImaging software operation interface

1Title Bar

2Menu Bar

3Tool Bar

4Image Location

5Case list

6Target Frame
7Image Information

Images Display Mode

2.New study.png

3.Up to 20 pcs.png

Up to 20 pictures in one page, for dental x-ray imaging application, 18 pictures display mode (full mouth series frame) is optimal for choice that the images will be rotated to teeth right position automatically.

Image Capture


Advanced Settings:Three options for choice to improve the images contrast

Image Process

5.smart contrast.png

Smart contrast - improve the underexposed image quality, show a better structure.

6.smart sharpen.png

Smart sharpen - sharpen edges is to assist diagnosis for potential problems.


Negative - contrast enhancement effect


Colorize - easily figure out different parts

Printing Function


Maximum 4 pictures per page,inclouidng comments of each image.

Multiple Users Version

10.multiple users version.png

Enable data sharing to achieve the possible of linking several computers to have the database obtained in one of them from XCMOSImaging software.


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