Combine with high-resolution and high-sensitive CMOS sensor,delivering high-quality digital images and offering low-dose operation modes in practice.Equipt with GOS/CSI sintillator for flexible options.Integrate with our latest Xcmos Imaging software,images are instantly captured and transferrred to computer for busy dental practices.

Digital Intraoral Imaging

Dental CBCT and Panoramic Imaging

Featuring fast read out,more sensitive,lower noise,as well equipped with advanced CMOS technology,which is optimized to boost the performance of dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and panoramic imaging applications.

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Dental Cephalometric Imaging

Dental Cephalometric Imaging

The CMOS linear array detector designed primarily for cephalometric imaging. A combination of 2301 boosts the most mainstream extraoral dental X-ray imaging modalities.

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General Radiography

The high resolution with large area detectors have optimized developed for medical imaging systems.Supporting a fast workflow with lower X-ray dose and real-time availability,minimizing the required scanning time and overall radiation dose.

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Small Animals and Pets

Flat-panel detectors with high-resolution and high-sensitive CMOS sensor could be used for pet DR and pet X-ray equipment.As well we provide off-the-shelf detector products and customized model for veterinary clinical practice.

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Durable housing can effectively shields the vulnerable parts,sensor and readout electronics.A relative software development is available to support easy integration.

Inspection Machine
(Agriculture/Automotive/Food industry/Industrial process control/Aerospace, etc)

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No limited to equipt with large working systerm,portable detector is with lightweight and reliable data transmission,which enable rapid and safe in check objects without moving them.
Portable Scanner

(baggage/parcel scanning, etc)

Work for real-time security checkpoint,where objects are imaged while moving.

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